Video comes to the BIZ – Watch!

We have started something new here at the BIZ.  Many of our members and partners cannot make it to the monthly networking events.  They either live too far away or do not have schedules that allow the flexibility to take 2 hours mid day. For some, the subject is relevant but just not now.  For others, they just found out about the BIZ and missed out on some great presentations. 

Well we have a cure for this problem.  Online video!  We are now recording the entire speaker presentation and makeing them available on the web to anyone free of charge.  Thanks to the efforts of John Windschitl, that video guy, we have professionally edited recordings that include the speaker and the slides correctly interlaced for a great viewing experience. 

Here are some videos of events you may have missed.  Check them out!

        Ryan Hanser’s presentation “Get Good PR in 2011.”

        Marketing Seminar: Build a Better Marketing Plan                               

                    Part 1: Marketing to “Who”
                    Part 2: Marketing “What”
                    Part 3: Marketing “I Don’t Know”
                    Part 4: Developing a Plan

        Emily Harris’s presentation on Protecting IP Assets.

        Ryan Flynn’s presentation on Financial Management for Growing Businesses.

        Drew McLellan’s presentation on 2010 – 2011 Marketing Trends.

There are some great pieces of information here.  As always, the slides and handouts are also online at the BIZ site in the Resources section. 



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