McLellan Shares Lists, Trends and Answers

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The list of lists included top 5 marketing books, marketing blogs/websites, magazines and things everyone needs to be doing. This latter list would foreshadow much of the subjects raised in the Q&A and included some new and some perennial entries, among them:

  • Make your website mobile ready. “Just like in the early web days when not having a website meant you were not credible, very soon,” he warned, “not having a site that is built for access by a mobile device is going to make you irrelevant.”
  • Call someone who said no. Make a point of reaching out to a desired client who either left or declined your proposal. “If you can demonstrate that you actually care about people who are not giving you money,” he advised, “it will build your brand and your reputation, and you will learn a great deal.”                 
  • Utilize third party surveys. “I promise if you do this, every time it will improve your business,” he assured while noting that it will both tell the clients that you care, and you will learn something that will improve your performance. “This is a great client retention tool, and it is a great process improvement tool,” he argues insisting the third party aspect is crucial to get the input you would not gather were you to make direct contact.


Download a summary of the conversation (pdf file)

Download Drew’s presentation  (pdf file)

Written by Mike Colwell

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