Think like an Angel Investor

PlainsAngels InitiativeYou are invited to join us in learning how angel investors look at potential investments. Plains Angels invites entrepreneurs and other business minded people to join local angel investors  in the due diligence training sessions starting with Negotiating Terms / Group Investing February 28.  These ongoing training events will take place every month on the 4th Thursday.  You can see the entire schedule of events at

Besides my work at the BIZ, I am also the organizer of the Plains Angels.  The Plains Angels is an angel investor forum  based in Des Moines but serving the mid west.  One of the elements of this group is a series of classes on due diligence.  For those who have raised capital, you know that Due Diligence is a broad and complex topic.  The Plains Angels offers these training classes on a number of due diligence topics.  The best part is these classes are open to anyone with an interest in the Due Diligence process.  If you are contemplating raising capital for your company or own a company where you may someday sell or merge, these classes are a great resource. 


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