Help Wanted. No Seriously!

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In my work at the BIZ, I try to create tools, outlines, templates and what ever else will help first time entrepreneurs move their idea forward.  One key area that many struggle with is in creating a financial model.  I am not speaking of the formal pro-forma of the serial start-up with the tri-degreed twice CFO financial wonder-kind.  No, I am speaking of the financial model that you start (or should start) putting together early on to see if, given your assumptions, that things will all work out to the best. 

To that end, I have created a excel spreadsheet that is designed to help an entrepreneur easily prepare 3 to 5 years of financial plan.  The outputs are the usual income statement and cash flow statement.  What makes in interesting is the set of three concurrent revenue models.  Because I work with a lot of different types of businesses, I see a lot of different approaches to revenue models.  I have set this up to allow entering multiple product, reoccurring and services revenue flows. 

Now that I have completed the 5 major revision and had a couple people tell me it’s great, I need some real feedback. I want to make this tool even better and more useful.  I am looking for 5 to 10 people who will put this to the test and give me some real feedback.  If you are interested, drop me a note and I will hook you up. 

Mike Colwell


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