Gurney Tosses About the F Word and Preaches Creative Self-Destruction at the BIZ Luncheon

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ChristianGurney“In the context of the community we are in, the part of the country that we are in, failure is something that I would consider one of those unspoken words. It’s one of those things that people have difficulty talking about, it is the same as if there were a death in the family,” shared Christian Gurney, President and Co-Founder of Torsion Mobile before those gathered for the May 2013 edition of the Business Innovation Zone luncheon.  And yet speak of it he did, and at length. Scarcely a year out from his last BIZ presentation in which Gurney shared the insights gathered from a successful tech business launch, he returned to share insights gained from the failure of a business plan. 

The theme woven throughout his presentation and given an exclamation point when he shared the shape of the company’s revenue curve post pivot is that failing does not of necessity mean the end of the line, or the death of the dream. “Popular culture misunderstands what it means to be an entrepreneur, an adventurer, someone who runs a business. As my father told me, if you are not failing, it means you are not striving hard enough,” suggested Gurney in one of several references to fatherly wisdom that has found personal resonance as Gurney’s beard begins to gray and his 50th birthday looms on the horizon. 

Download a summary of the conversation (pdf file)

Written by Mike Colwell

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