Doing a few things very well

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A visit from a harried business partner this morning and the impromptu time management coaching session that followed got me thinking about time.  If you agree that doing a few things really well is the way to go, then you need to narrow your offerings to only those few things. 

If you have too much on your plate shouldn’t you reduce the items on your list? Doesn’t focusing on just a few things allow you to reduce the items on you list?  Perhaps clearly understanding those few things and then applying that as a filter to all requests will resolve several issues at once and build your brand along the way.   



This thought led me to cutting out 6 e-newsletter subscriptions recently.  While I enjoyed the content they delivered at times, they were not core to my work.  I also deleted a few “some day” projects from my list.  While they sounded good when I dreamed them up, they are not core to the mission of the BIZ.  

Can you do it?  What will you cut today?


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