Crocodile Sales and Other Poor Pitches

I am pretty crocodile, my Darling..Image by Thai Jasmine via Flickr

Pitching your product or company is key to succeeding. For those of us who have listened to a lot of pitches, we have a few favorite descriptions in sharing the sales call outcome with others. Mine is “show up and throw up”. I think the description is pretty obvious but let’s just say I did not get to say much!

Mark Suster who writes the blog Both Sides of the Table recently introduced me to a new saying “Crocodile Sales”. He relates that the first time he heard this description it was followed with “you know, big mouth, no ears”.

His blog is well worth the read. He succinctly lays out guidelines for you selling, hiring a salesperson and pitching a VC. Take a read here. It is worth your time.

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