Help Wanted. No Seriously!

Image via Wikipedia In my work at the BIZ, I try to create tools, outlines, templates and what ever else will help first time entrepreneurs move their idea forward.  One key area that many struggle with is in creating a financial model.  I am not speaking of the formal pro-forma of the serial start-up with the tri-degreed twice CFO financial wonder-kind.  No, I am speaking of the financial model that you start (or should start) putting together early on to see if, given your assumptions, that things will all work out to the best.  To that end, I have created a excel … [Read more...]

Video comes to the BIZ – Watch!

We have started something new here at the BIZ.  Many of our members and partners cannot make it to the monthly networking events.  They either live too far away or do not have schedules that allow the flexibility to take 2 hours mid day. For some, the subject is relevant but just not now.  For others, they just found out about the BIZ and missed out on some great presentations.  Well we have a cure for this problem.  Online video!  We are now recording the entire speaker presentation and makeing them available on the web to anyone free of charge.  Thanks to the efforts of John Windschitl, that … [Read more...]

SBIR/STTR Grants – A great source and great support

Image by SeanMcTex via Flickr I have the pleasure of working with Kris Johanson at Iowa State University.  Kris's role is to assist those seeking SBIR / STTR grants.  This grants can range in value from under $100k to over $500k in certain circumstances.  Kris has been very successful in helping her clients succeed in being awarded these grants.  It is a fairly complex process and it takes some time to get through but it is more than worth it.  One of my clients has been able to bring in over $600K in grant money for his project.  A while back Kris wrote a chapter for our book How Business … [Read more...]

The New Normal in Banking – December 7 – Sign Up Now!

Image via Wikipedia There is an event next week that looks to be very valuable.  It is titled The New Normal in Banking.  The presenter is Mike Helak of US Bank.  I know Mike personally and have a great deal of respect for him.  With all of the changes in banking over the last two years, I am sure Mike will have a wealth of useful information for those of you working with business bankers.  The event is on December 7 and you can sign up here. … [Read more...]

Recipe for Business Success – Worth Attending!

Image by Search Engine People Blog via Flickr My counterpart in Cedar Rapids, Curt Nelson, is presenting a one day seminar here in the Des Moines area next Wednesday November 3rd.  I have personally attended this program twice in the past and found it to be truly compelling.  Curt has written a companion book as well.  If you can make it, I encourage you to attend.  Details and links are below.  The Business Success Seminar, sponsored by Iowa Farm Bureau, is based on Curtis Nelson’s The Recipe® for Business Success book and seminar series and is uniquely designed to … [Read more...]